Tesco – How to Piss Off Your Customers!

I love corporate emails that are for the benefit of a company, rather than the customer. Where it is designed to make it look like they are doing you a favour, when it’s not!

Take the email below:

Tesco - Customer Disengagement Email
Tesco – Customer Disengagement Email

I hoped this was going to be a nice informative email, but all it did was:

  • Waste my time!
  • Make incorrect assumptions!
  • Inform me my settings were changed without my permission!
  • Contradict itself!

Let’s break the email down:

Tesco – Hardly Ever, Never!
  • I hardly ever use your online services? Yes, I have an account, but that doesn’t mean I’m using it all the time!
  • So, I use your mobile apps? I have never used your mobile apps! I only have a very basic mobile phone that cannot use apps…
Tesco – How Presumptuous!
  • How presumptuous. I never asked for this!
Tesco – Hang on… You said I already have the APP?
  • Hang on… You just said I already had the app. What’s going on?
Tesco – Why am I having to sign in and change my settings back to what they were?
  • Why am I having to sign in and change my settings back to what they were? Why am I wasting my time…

This email would have been so much better if it just asked you to change, giving a few good reasons like saving the planet (why can’t they just be honest and say they’re also trying to cut their costs)! Instead, the email just makes a load of assumptions, and your settings get changed without your permission…

So, thanks for wasting my time. Now I have to change it all back!

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