Why is it Assumed Everyone Has a Mobile Phone?

Most people do. But what about those that don’t. Is there discrimination – I thought discrimination wasn’t allowed these days?

I keep on getting plagued with “We need your additional card holder(s) mobile phone number or similar phrases. This applies to anything that is a money orientated account. Banks, Building Society’s, eBay, PayPal etc, etc.

"We need your additional card holder(s) mobile phone number..."
“We need your additional card holder(s) mobile phone number…”

I can understand why. Help reduce fraud and all that. But none of these organisations appear to have any allowances for those people that don’t have a mobile phone? Drives me nuts!

My Wife has a mobile phone, we share it when needed. It halves the cost, especially when I never use one. That’s not good enough though, we have to have seperate mobile phone numbers (data protection and all that)!

O.K. I’ll come clean… I have a mobile phone. It cost me £5.00 and is the most basic phone you can get. It’s a phone, you make calls on and that’s it!

  • It’s never charged (I don’t use it).
  • I don’t carry it with me (I don’t use it).
  • If I was to use it, I need 24 Hrs notice to charge it.

The last thing I want, is the Bank, credit card company etc, etc, texting me every time I want to buy something online, as the phone won’t be charged. I did try texting on it once, but it doesn’t have predictive text (whatever you call it?) and I gave up, as it took so long and the message never looked like what it was meant to say!

  • Why can’t they send me a code via my home phone number?
  • What about an email (I’m no technophobe.. uh!).

I am discriminated against, I’m a minority (does that mean I have more rights?). I should go to the European Court of Justice! Err, Brexit?

I’ll threaten to close all my accounts… Hang on. They’re all asking me for my mobile phone number? Grrr…

Wasn’t a mobile something that plays music and goes round and round..?