For the Good of…

Why do we just accept it?

Time after time we see waste. Waste of effort, waste of time, waste of money, waste of materials and most of all waste of our planet!

Time after time I come across things that make life harder, cost us more money, wastes resources, makes others rich, or gives us false hope…

A good example is packaging. How many things are over packaged?

  • The wrong type of packaging (a type of plastic that can’t be recycled).
  • Too much packaging (that contains mostly air).
  • Hybrid packaging (plastic coated cardboard that can’t be recycled).
  • Bulking (adding unnecessary bulk that doesn’t actually do anything. E.g. Some washing powders).

We all pay for it, when we don’t need to:

  • Manufacture and processing cost.
  • Cost of extra packaging material.
  • Cost of transportation:
    • Fewer items fit on a lorry.
    • More fuel cost (fewer items carried).
    • Bigger lorries.
  • Bigger storage space (warehouse, shop, home).
  • Disposal cost.
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