Did R.E.M. Have a Premonition on November 16, 1987?

I hadn’t listened to the R.E.M. song for a while… “It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)”. Then I noticed a particular lyric […]

Coronavirus Diary

The correct name for the current Coronavirus is Covid-19. But like many other names, the correct name has gone out the window and Coronavirus has stuck! This is just my […]

Why is it Assumed Everyone Has a Mobile Phone?

Most people do. But what about those that don’t. Is there discrimination – I thought discrimination wasn’t allowed these days? I keep on getting plagued with “We need your additional […]

The Benefits of Coronavirus (Covid-19)

May 10, 2020. Before Coronavirus, we were plagued (no pun intended!) by calls from bogus Indian call centers. Telephone calls with messages like: “Your Amazon account has expired…”“Your internet has […]
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