The Benefits of Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Take a Break and Reflect..?
Take a Break and Reflect..?
May 10, 2020.

Before Coronavirus, we were plagued (no pun intended!) by calls from bogus Indian call centers. Telephone calls with messages like:

  • “Your Amazon account has expired…”
  • “Your internet has been compromised…”

We were getting at least two calls a day. The worst was 8+ calls in one morning! It’s funny how all the calls were during the day. Was that so they were more likely to target the vulnerable who wouldn’t be at work, or am I just being cynical?

Now coronavirus is on the march and India is in lockdown, all the calls have stopped. Odd that, isn’t it!

So when the calls start up again, does that mean Coronavirus (Covid-19) is officially over?

July 14, 2020.

Our first bogus ‘scam’ telephone call since Coronavirus put a stop to it.

  • “Your Amazon account has expired…”

Taking money from the old and vulnerable… Why don’t you feel ashamed at what you do?

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